Surfing Swami’s in San Diego just once has got me excited to get a few of my Alaias up here from Hawaii.  I don’t think I’d say that San Diego’s waves are better or worse for alaias but there are a few benefits.  First the waves are a lot rollier in San Diego.  That’s good for alaias because you don’t have to worry as much about making drops on your take off’s…something that’s an obstacle on most every wave in Hawaii.  Second, the waves in San Diego (at some breaks anyway) are a bit longer and easier to just cruise on.  Hawaii tends to be more bowly and fast.  This is great once you’re used to it but especially when learning how to ride an alaia bowly and fast can mean difficult.

On the down side of rolly San Diego waves, they’re a bit harder to catch.  Surfing an alaia in San Diego is going to be tons of fun once you’re up and riding on the right wave, but catching them may prove a little challenging.  I really enjoyed surfing my alaias at breaks like Pupukea, Turtle Bay, Chuns (some of the more mellow breaks on the north shore) and loved the power and speed behind the waves but it’ll be interesting to see how these easier drops and rolly waves feel.

Not that this article is going to make you buy a plane ticket to Hawaii or San Diego to surf your alaia, but it may give you an idea of what to expect when you’re riding your alaia in either place.

Either way, I’m anxious to get my alaias up to San Diego to try out the rolliness up here.

Jeremy Moncur

Papa Kai

Surfing an Alaia: San Diego/California or Hawaii

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