I’ve had this board for about three years.  Haven’t used it as much lately because I knew it was in poor shape.  That’s mostly due to neglect as I left it outside in the sun for long period of time so the wood actually warped and pulled back from the glue joints exposing little cracks and weaknesses.  So I was ready for her to break.

Anyway, a bunch of friends went for an evening session at Queen’s (one of the best places for an alaia) and I decided to give her one more run.  I’m not sure at exactly which point she split but by the time I pulled off my first wave, the leftside 1/3 of the board was clapping the water as I skid to a stop.

Broken Alaia

Riding after that was a bit more difficult, but I stuck to the rights (which left the good right side of the board in the wave and the missing left side out and not as necessary) and was able to get a few more fun waves before we called it a night.

Queens, Waikiki. Evening Alaia Session

Queens, Waikiki. Evening Alaia Session

She’s been good to me.  RIP.  But, on to the next one…

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