I surfed Swami's twice last week on my alaia and it was tons of fun.  Nice little lines rolling through, not much wind, and I found a little nook to hang out in between the inside and outside peaks which lets me snag a few waves.  

While I'm out there practically swimming around though, this humongous board with two bodies comes flying past me heading out to the lineup.  A few minutes later the guy and his girlfriend catch a wave and pass right beside me.  To see a guy holding a girl up in the air while riding a wave is the strangest thing!  I'm sure it's a ton of fun and I can't help but smile in pure enjoyment when they whip past me, hand on cheeks like they so often are.  But still, my first thought every time I saw her being propped up over his head like an Olympic bench press bar was, "who the heck thought of tandem surfing?"  Again, not that I don't enjoy watching it and think it could be a great time.  I do think it would be interesting to meet the people who started it though.   

Maybe they were professional ice skaters on vacation.


Check out this tandem surfing video:

Tandem Surfing Still Exists!

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  • William Bay
    April 24th, 2011

    Nice post. I love Swamis. I caught my biggest wave there.

    I think I might know that tandem couple you’re talking about. I met them while shooting a wedding there at the beach. Here’s a picture

    I’m down in South Bay and usually surf IB, but if I get up to NoCo we should paddle. I’d love to see your alaia in action.

    • jjmoncur
      April 26th, 2011

      William, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same couple. Saw them out there two days in a row and it looked like they had the place wired. Yeah, for sure…I surf that Cardiff/Swami’s area atleast once a week and usually on my alaia…let me know if you head up there.

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