Chee Hoo,

Paulownia wood has been amazingly difficult to find in Hawaii for the past…forever.  We’ve been looking high and low but finally looked in the right place.  Though we had a lot of fun with hemlock alaias, and will still do them upon special request, it’s time to wave goodbye and hop on the Paulownia train.

This stuff is seriously impressive.  It’s half the weight and twice as buoyant.  We already love working with it and are pretty sure you’ll love riding it.

Our pricing is still a deal at around $300 for 6′ and up Paulownia wood alaia or $150 (as opposed to $250 plus shipping from California) if you’d just like to buy a Paulownia wood blank and shape your own.  Either way shoot us an email at and we’ll help you out.


Papa Kai

Paulownia Wood in Hawaii!

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