Paulownia Blanks

Paulownia Wood Alaia Blanks


Paulownia Wood Alaia Blanks

Hawaii Paulownia Blanks

Mainland USA Paulownia Blanks


  • Oahu = Meet up
  • Other Islands = $50 (Aloha Air Cargo)
  • Mainland (Fedex) 
    • 1 Blank = $50
    • 2 Blanks = $75
    • 3 Blanks = $100
    • 4 Blanks = $125
Our Paulownia wood alaia blanks sell for $150 a piece when you buy a single blank and $125 per blank when you buy two or more.  They measure:

Height: 7’8″  (if you’re in the mainland, we cut blanks to 7′. This keeps shipping at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, it’s almost double the amount).

Thickness: 3/4″

Width: 18″

All blanks are made of strips of various widths that have been glued together.

Paulownia is an exceptional wood for most any woodworking project.  Our paulownia blanks’ tight grain and light weight however, make it ideal for ocean use.  Though most of our customers have used it for alaia surfboards, some have used our paulownia alaia blanks to make waveski’s, kite boards, and other ocean crafts.

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