Well, for the next 8 months while I’m finishing school in San Diego

Paulownia alaia surfboard blank

Papa Kai Paulownia alaia blanks in San Diego

Papa Kai will be operating in both here and in Hawaii.  Hopefully things go as well here as they did back home and we can keep it going in both places even after the 8 months are up.

Anyway, we’ll be keeping our pricing structure for San Diego Alaias the same as in Hawaii.  Also, our Paulownia wood blanks will be going for the same $150 in San Diego.  That’s still the best deal you’ll find anywhere I’ve looked.

Just a quick heads up to everyone.  So whether you’re in San Diego or Hawaii you can contact us and order your alaia surfboard or alaia blank at


Jeremy Moncur

Papa Kai

Papa Kai Paulownia Blanks and Wood Decor Alaias in San Diego Too!

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