Surf Decor

Beach Decorations for the Home

Papa Kai makes wooden surf decor boards in addition to our functional alaia surfboards.  They’re typically used to decorate personal residences, vacation rentals, and hotel rooms.  However, we’re always open to more creative uses should you have an idea.  Our surf decor boards are typically made of mahogany and sealed with Tung oil giving them a nice, glossy finish.  Prices for our standard six foot surf decor boards start at $350 and go up slightly with size and wood preference. Take a look at some of our past orders:

Some of our customers would like a board they can use for both decoration and surfing. If you think you might want to surf your board, let us know. The mahogany wood we use for surf decor boards is pretty horrible for actual surfing. Paddling the infinitely more buoyant paulownia wood surfboard is already difficult compared to a regular board. Because of the weight and almost complete lack of buoyancy in mahogany, it makes paddling the same as swimming. Trust us…we’ve tried. It was embarrassing. So, to re-cap, if you think you might want to ride it as well as use it for surf decor, we’d recommend paulownia. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth every penny.

In addition to a pretty looking surfboard, a lot of people want their decorative surfboard customized with a wood burning. From simple pictures to small phrases, we’re fans of the wood burning. let us know what you want and we’ll give you a quote on it. We charge by the time it’ll take us to do it so it’s usually anywhere from $25-50.

*Our mahogany surfboard bench costs $375.