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Alaia Surfboards

Papa Kai handshapes custom alaia surfboards on the eastside of Oahu and in San Diego, CA.  Our wooden surfboards are made from paulownia wood.  If you’ve never seen it before, this stuff will blow you away.  For how strong it is, paulownia wood is amazing light and very water resistant.  Although paddling is still not as easy as with a regular board under you, paulownia blows other woods away in term of buoyancy. Most of our customers go with the traditional round nose, square tailed board.  However, we love making other shapes like fishes and parabolic rails as well. For a board without fins, you may wonder how you even manage to go in a straight line.  However, thanks to both the concave that normally runs from the tail to at least 2/3 of the way up the board, and the sharper bottom rails, alaias actually have a decent amount of stick in the water.  Alaia surfboards tend to be narrower than our modern day boards as well.  In fact, most boards however around the 16″ wide zone.  Having said that however, if you have something else in mind, we’re glad to help you out. Check out a few of our past orders:

The real joy of riding the alaia is to be able to both shoot down the line and get that la-la; controlled slide going.  For most surfer’s those two will be brand new feelings to add to your ocean addiction.

Pricing and Payment

Our boards start at $400 and may go up depending on size and other custom features, like woodburns. We prefer payment by check but will also take Paypal’s “Gift Coupons.”

How Long Will My Order Take?

Typically, we’re able to ship orders within two weeks of receiving them. However, if an order is going to take a little longer than that, we’ll be sure to let you know through email.

How Do I Order?

Just fill out the form below to begin get your alaia order started.


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