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Alaia Surfboards : Function & Decor

Learn to ride an alaia surfboard and you’ll love it.  Hang it on your wall and you’ll enjoy looking at it.  Either way you go about it, alaia surfboards are great.

It may be hard for us to imagine how a surfboard shaped plank of wood could really be so great when most people are asking epoxy or fiberglass, traditional 3 fin set up or 4, or maybe even 5?  It’s simplicity however, is also its key.  Alaia surfing offers a completely new experience for the seasoned or beginning surfer.  The Lala, defined as diagonal surfing, or the controlled slide, brings a stoke that keeps you coming back.

Our decorative surfboards can be a great addition to any home.  Having lived away from the ocean for long periods of time (which we define as anything over a month), it’s nice to have a reminder of what’s waiting for you in the sea.  And the same goes if the sea is two minutes away.

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